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How to Get Facebook Marketplace Button | Facebook Shop

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

Hello everyone! As we all know, Facebook is growing day by day. Almost everyday we receive a lot of updates from Facebook. Because Facebook is one of the biggest social app.

Today in this article I'm going to explain about How to Get Facebook Marketplace button. If you don't know about this feature, let me explain to you.

Marketplace on Facebook is the biggest buy of selling social media app. Yes.. Facebook's work on this feature and now finally update this feature. Using this feature, you can buy or sale your products in just some days.

Initially, this feature was not given to everyone Because this feature is in testing phase. Now finally everyone gets profit by using this new marketplace option.

How to Find Marketplace Button?

If you don't know how to check marketplace option, then follow me. First open your Facebook and log in to your Facebook account.

I don't know which app of Facebook you're using now. But in case, I'm using Facebook lite. So open this Facebook application. 

Now click three lines on the top right side. Maybe interfaced of your android is different but in my mobile the marketplace button are located at 5th number.

When you click on marketplace button, you can see a lot of products posting by peoples near you. If you're interested in any product, just click on the product picture and get the seller information for contact. 

How to Add Products?

if you want to sell anything on Facebook then don't worry about sellers because there is an option to select near audience to make your deal final. If you put a bike on sale, then Facebook marketplace ask you to post an ad. 

So you need to fill up some information about your bike. For example, bike model, color, mileage etc. This is the important things and at the last click some photos of your bike to post this ad on marketplace.

When you fill up all the information, then select your nearest public. If you select any city then only that city people's watch you add in marketplace.

Also, Facebook help you to get more impression on your ad. And these impressions helps you to get the more buyers for your products. 

Marketplace button on desktop

Not only android users use this feature also this option is available for desktop users if your account have this feature then you can use this on both android or desktop.

I hope you all know about how to get Facebook Marketplace option in android or desktop. This feature make easier to buy or sale products without any investment.

If this option is not available in your account, then make sure to send some feedback to Facebook by write a detail note on enabling marketplace option in your account.

This action may take some time but after 2-3 weeks marketplace option is enable in your account, and you can use this option whenever you want.

I hope this article is helpful for you, If you need any additional help then visit my site, I Publish a lot of content about blogging and online earning if you're interested then explore my full site.


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